Sword Art Online II — TVCM07 (June 29)


Kikuoka: Gun Gale Online… Do you know of it? 
Kazuto: Well, yeah. It’s the only MMO in Japan with pro players. 
Kikuoka: What I’m about to say is unconfirmed information, but… A user wrote on their blog that something strange happened within GGO. 
Text: A murder case that happened within GGO 
Kazuto: Strange? 
Kikuoka: At a bar right before the time of the murder, a player did something very odd.
Text: A mysterious avatar who holds a jet black gun. 
Kikuoka: It seems that the player pulled and shot his gun at Zekushiido who was on TV and screamed, “Take your punishment!” 
Kazuto: You sure are prepared, Mr. Kikuoka, with such a coincidental and rumor-like story… 
Kikuoka: Death Gun… 
Kazuto: Death Gun…? 
Kikuoka: Actually, the higher-ups are worried about this. I of course think that 90% of these happenings are coincidence or fake, so this is just an assumption. So, do you think it’s true, Kirito? That due to a gun-shot within the game, the player in real life can suffer a heart attack. 
Text: Deaths in-game connect to deaths in the real world 
Death Gun: This is true power… True strength! Foolish ones, engrave my name in your mind along with fear! Me and my gun’s name is: Death Gun!! 
Kikuoka: I’m going to ask you once again, but… Can you please log in to Gun Gale Online, and get in contact with the man who calls himself “Death Gun?” 
Kazuto: Murders are once again occuring in the virtual world, and it’s trying to call me back once again. It’s almost as if someone is telling me not to forget… Link Start! 
Sinon: Sword Art Online II, activated.